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-Tara Information-
-White Tara Statues and Information-
tara silver statue tara statue   Tara Silver Colored Brass Statue
Nicely polished up in a shiny SILVER color
First Quality Brass Metal Statuette

Weight: 3 oz.
Size: 2.5" x 1 5/8" wide
(8.25cm x 1.58cm)
Material: Brass

This silver colored brass mini is super detailed and top quality 100% metal. We're proud to sell this work of art made by out artisans in India.

Regularly         $18.00
On Sale Now:  $14.00

 green tara flag Tibetan Green Tara Individual Flag
Wall Decor

2 inch rod pocket at top for hanging
Each flag:
Rayon 16.25 inches wide x 20.5 inches long
41.27 cm x 52.07 cm
U.S.A. Artisan

Water resistant, UV resistant, and strong color
fastness. Digitally printed on polyester fabric with inks that are made in the USA.

Beautiful large flag

Goddess Tara Statue Goddess Tara Statue Gold and Silver Finish
Dancing Goddess Tara Statue
Material: All metal brass statue
Gold and silver Color brass statue

9 inches high (22.86 cm)
Base 3 inches wide (7.62cm)
2.5 inches deep (6.35 cm)

Hand pounded full metal Green Tara statue is gold and silver color and beautifully hand pounded. Heavier at about 2 pounds, this statue is a high quality and lovely piece of artwork you'll be proud to own.



Goddess Tara Statue
tara statue Goddess Tara Statuary
12.25 inches high 31.11cm

Hand finished cold cast bronze with intricate detail, this statue show Tara in a meditative mood, holding the lotus of compassion. She invites all those who seek her,
with delicately painted eyes on hands and feet.
A lovely work of art.

-more photos and info here-
green tara Green Tara Brass Statuette
4.5 inches high / 11.43 cm high

-more photos and info here-

This is a very high quality full metal art sculpture.
Hand shined of brass metal, smooth surfaces, and intricate detail show off this
little superior quality Tara metal statue.


bronze tara statue  Larger Bronze Tara Statue
12 inches high

Detailed full metal sculpture showing the Goddess Tara with hand bent toward the earth mother, and one in blessing of all supplicants who seek her hour. Standing on a lotus flower, this crowned Tara reminds us of all things terrestrial and heavenly at the same time.
The majority of the metal in this statue is brass, but it also contains some other metals: most likely bronze and iron, and looks like a shiny bronze piece.

-more photos and information here-


Green Tara Pendant Green Tara Pendant
Lead Free Pewter
This wonderfully detailed depiction of Green Tara looks like bronze. Elegantly crafted of lead free pewter, this pendant is a vision of  fine craftsmanship. It's 2 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide.
5cm x 3.17cm.
Well worth the price.


  Green Tara in CC Bronze Green Tara
in Cold Cast Bronze
10 inches high

This is an absolutely lovely piece of artwork that will bring elegance to any sacred space. The application of color to cold cast bronze is very well done in this Green Tara bronze.

-more photos here-

  Green Tara Statue Color Green Tara Statue
in Handpainted Resin
5.5 inches high

An excellent, quality resin piece with lots of detail; one of the benefits of resin. This substantial piece depicts the terrestrial Goddess Green Tara as somewhat of a chameleon, with her skin changing tinged green from her communion with earth.

-more photos here-

tara bronze miniature Green Tara Mini Bronze Statue
3 inches high

Need metal for feng shui balance?
This is a sweet and high quality  piece in bronze, one of the most expensive metals on the world market today. She also sometimes comes in a silver overlay.

Regularly:        $18.00
On Sale Now:  $14.00

green tara statue Green Tara Statuette

-more info on this statuettehere-

3.75 inch high statue
Regularly:       $36.00
On Sale Now:  $29.00


Tara Rubber Stamp  tara rubber stamp Goddess Tara Rubber Stamp
2 inches x 1.75 inches (5 x 4 cm)

High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on straight-sided hardwood blocks
with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.



Tara is the Mother Goddess who answers human supplication.

    Tibetan Buddhism numbers 21 Taras, often featuring seven all-seeing eyes of compassion (three in the forehead, one in each palm and foot sole). White Tara, the mild form of the goddess, promises health, long life and prosperity. Green Tara promotes growth, solves practical problems and protects our everyday world. She is particularly associated with conservation and protection of the planet, often resonnating with gardening women or those that find solace in the natural world. She is incarnate in all good women, crowned and adorned with flora and fauna of earth's harvest.

    But even in Her wrathful aspect, Tara's role is to dispel the fear of death and foster the evolution of compassion. Notice her foot is outstretched, instantly ready to meet her supplicants.

    Tara's name means One Who Saves. She epitomizes the influence of the older mother-goddess cults upon the Buddhist Mahayana religion.      Her concept evolved in India and later she became the most important goddess in the Mahayana pantheon. She holds a very prominent position in Tibet and Nepal.

     Tara was born from a tear of the Boddhisatva of Compassion, Avolokiteswora. She was conceived primarily as a savioress and generally regarded as his consort, frequently portrayed with him.

     Tara is believed to protect humans while they are crossing the ocean of existence. Her compassion for living beings, and her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children.

     Her most distinctive emblem is the blue lotus which she carries in her left hand.

     Among the forms of Tara: when she is red, yellow and blue, she is in a menacing mood; white or green she is gentle and loving. This is the same twofold nature as Shiva's wife.

Tara is the central female diety of Tibet. As a bodhisattva, she blesses and saves those who pray to her. The faithful may appeal to her directlly without the intermediary of a lama. She is an emanation of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of mercy. She is considered the mother of all buddhas and bodhisattvas.

There are 21 forms of Tara. Green Tara is particularly associated with earth and conservation and protection of the planet. She is incarnate in all good women, crowned and adorned with flora and fauna of earth's harvest.

She is usually pictured seated on a lotus throne, right leg pendant with foot supported by a small lotus. Her right hand is in "charity" mudra and her left in "argument" mudra.