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Egyptian Goddess Maat Statues
Goddess Maat Plaques
Egyptian Maat Goddess Reliefs - Maat Hand Mirror
Goddess of Justice, Order and Balance
See also Justicia
Goddess Maat Law Statuette Goddess Maat Law Statuette Goddess Maat Hieroglyphic Statuette
Egyptian Goddess of Law and Order
Statuette Measures:
5 inches longest side x 3 inches high x 2.75 inches wide

The Goddess of Justice Maat, identified by her feather headdress, is shown here in a sand colored presentation with built in pedestal. Small enough for desk or small altar, this little Goddess is perfect for discreet displays.

$ 8.99

Goddess Maat Statue Goddess Maat on Pedestal
Egyptian Goddess of Law and Order
Statuette Measures:
6 inches high Base: 1.75 inches x 1.75 inches
Black and Gold with Hieroglyphics

In rich black and gold colors, the Goddess of Law and Justice Maat, sits on a royal pedestal. Identified by her feather headdress, she's shown here in a regal kneeling pose with a prominent feather headdress.

$ 17.99

Kneeling Maat with Spread Wings Goddess of Justice Maat Statue
Kneeling with Wings Spread

in Cold Cast Faux Bronze with color detail

6 inches high / 15.24 cm

Winged Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice in glorious spread winged kneeling stance.

-more info on this statue here-


Kneeling Black Isis Mini Egyptian Maat Kneeling
3 inch
Black and Gold Painted Miniature

This is a very lovely and detailed depiction of the Goddess of Order with wings spread and cast in black and gold.


maat necklace maat pendant Goddess Maat Necklace
Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry
Larger pendant about 3/4 inch long.
Lead Free Alloy
Comes with Chain

The Goddess of Justice Maat, identified by her feather headdress, is shown here meting out justice.
Egyptian hieroglyphics back her.


egyptian earrings egyptian earrings Egyptian Goddess of Law and Justice
Maat Earrings
Lead-free metals
1 inch high x .75 inches wide

The Goddess is depicted in these gold colored earrings holding the Egyptian Lotus on each side of her in perfect balance. She sits atop the Ankh of Life and a small green stone finishes the bottom or the earring.


Maat, Goddess of Law Jeweled Box

 Maat, Goddess of Law Jeweled Box
Maat, Goddess of Law Jeweled Box
Plated Pewter and Hand polished enamel
2.75 x 2.75 inches

Rich detail, swarovski crystals, and a colorful enamel box makes an elegant gift for someone related to the law or legal matters. Very well made, high quality little box.
Maat, Goddess of Law Jeweled Box

maat pendant

isis pendant
Maat Pendant
Lead Free Pewter
with black cord
1 inch high x 2 inches wide

Maat Pendant represents the Goddess of Law and Order. Painted pewter makes fine colorful detail and it's a complete necklace with a black cord. A conversation piece of art you wear around your neck.



See also Justicia    

Maat, Goddess of Order and Justice offers balance to the seeker.

Maat's ostrich plume represents the delicate balance between order and chaos in the universe as well as in the human soul. The daughter of Ra, she administered law and justice. Pharaohs looked to her for guidance. Maat's energy will bring order out of chaos, helping you to feel balanced.

    The Goddess Maat is the personification of all the elements of cosmic harmony as established by the Creator-God at the beginning of time-including truth, justice, law, world order and moral integrity. The seated image of Maat was held in pharaoh's hand like a doll and was presented as an offering to the Gods.  

    This meant that the king was the representative of divine order since Maat was seen as legitimizing their authority to govern and to uphold the laws of the universe which she embodied.

     Judges were regarded as priests of Maat. In the hall of judgement at the weighing of the heart of the deceased, the heart was placed on the scales of justice balanced against the feather of Maat, symbol of justice.  Standing Maat carries the ankh in one hand and the "waas" scepter in the other.