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Egyptian Goddess Sekmet Statue
Sekhmet Goddess Statues
Goddess Sehkmet Rubber Stamp
Sekmet Goddess Plaque-Wall Relief
sekhmet lion goddess statue Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet
Cold Cast Bronze Statue

The lion Goddess here has a real lion head and a real woman's body. She is in her royal pose with staff and throne in a classic Goddess gown.

-more photos and info here-
Black Basalt Seated Sekhmet Seated Goddess Sekhmet Statue
7.75 inches high - Casting Stone
black basalt finish

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[Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 26th Dynasty 600 B.C.]
warrior sekhmet statue
Egyptian Warrior Male Sekhmet
Cold Cast Bronze Statue
8.5 inches high / 21.59 cm

Egyptian hieroglyphics accent the base of this Sekhmet Warrior statue shown here as a male with two serpents protecting his lion headed self. He holds two knives and stands as a strong protective warrior figure in this hand finished bronze finished resin statue. 

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sekhmet standing statue  
sekhmet statue
Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet
Small Sekhmet Statue
6 1/8 inches high
2 1/8 x 1 7/8" base

Egyptian hieroglyphics accent the base of this small statue that is perfect for small altars or for traveling. Here is the Goddess adorned with all of the implements of royalty.

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 sekhmet statue
sekhmet plaque Lioness Goddess Sekhmet Plaque
11.5 inches H (29 cm)
Bonded Stone Hand painted wall plaque

lovely hand finished surface shows the Goddess with Ankh of life and scepter of royalty. Very nicely made.

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Black Sekhmet Lioness Goddess Sekhmet Statue
7.25 inches H by 2.5 W x 3.5 L
Handpainted and hand finished resin statue shows the Lioness Goddess with vibrant colors of black and gold that show off both her nurturing and her fierce sides. Looking right at home on her throne, here Sekhmet entertains supplicants that would seek her counsel. Perfect for the altar.

-more pictures and info here-

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pendant lioness goddess

gold plated cat pendant

pin lioness goddess

Sekhmet Pin and Pendant
Lioness Goddess in Sterling Silver
1 1/4 x 3/4" (3.17cm x 1.9cm)

The Lioness Goddess strolls along, ever vigilant, in this finely honed pendant and pin.
Our Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet pin and pendant are availabe in Bronze or Sterling Silver. The pendant is also available in goldplate.

Allow 10 days for delivery.

Sekhmet Lioness Pendant

Goldplate - $29.00
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Sterling Silver - $27.00
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Lapel Pin
Bronze - $21.00  Sterling Silver - $27.00


Gold Standing Sekhmet Goddess Sekhmet Statue
9 inches High
Gold embellished standing Sekhmet statue shows the Lion headed diety in fine feminine form with crown, serpents and royal collar. Lovely and delicate statue with vibrant colors.

-more pictures and info here-

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sekhmet miniature Goddess Sekhmet Statuette
Miniature 3.5 inches high (9 cm)
Bonded marble
Gold embellished Sekhmet enthroned statue shows the Lion headed diety in fine feminine form with ankh in hand as well as royal red solar crown. Detailed mini.

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Sekhmet Rubber Stamp  sekhmet rubber stamp Sekhmet Rubber Stamp
2.25 inches long x 1.25 inches wide.
First quality rubber on a padded wood block.

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Sekhmet Incense Sekhmet Incense

 Sekhmet Egyptian incense. Pack of 16 sticks. The main ingredients are spices and hemp. Long burning time (no less than 50 minutes) and long lasting. Premium quality. All natural. Made in Spain by Flaires, the best European incense. Sticks are 10 inches long.

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ŠJane Iris Designs

Sekhmet Pendant with citrine
(shown with citrine)

Egyptian Jewelry
Goddess Sehkmet Pendant

Egyptian Lioness Sehkmet is known as "The Mighty One." This lion Goddess offers cleansing and healing powers through fire.

Pendant measures approx 2 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches.
Comes with storycard and giftbox. Sterling Silver.
Made in USA.

 -view stones-



Sekmet Pendant Egyptian Sekhmet Goddess Pendant
Large lead-free pewter lion Goddess 1.75 inch. She who is the keeper of the female sexual heat, and provides the fierce protection of a mother.

Comes with black cotton cord.

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 The Goddess Sekhmet, or Sekmet, together with her husband Ptah and her son Nefertem, made up the Memphis Triad. Her name meant "The Mighty One". Sekhmet was also regarded as the one "Great of Magic" whose knowledge of sorcery gave her a place in the service of healing, and Wiccan ceremony.

    Her nature being that of a Goddess of War, she accompanied the King to battle and was often described as his mother. But war was only half her truth as she was also regarded as a great mother of compassion, a loving and protective mother Goddess, and also an expert in the arts of healing.

    A twin of Bast, she was regarded as the dusk compared to her sister the dawn, one melting into another, as in the phases of life. 

    Her mighty power inspired fear in many; as powerful women even today sometimes do, and the henchmen of Seth and even the serpent Apophis succumbed to her. Sekhmet was represented as a lioness or as a woman with lion's head.

    Her weapons were arrows "with which she pierces hearts" and a fiery glow emanated from her body. The hot desert winds were regarded as the Goddess's hot breath. She was connected with the fire-spitting Uraeus of the King and thereby became the "Eye of Ra".