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Chakra Banners - Chakra Flags
Dragon Chakra Banner - Wall Hanging
More Flags and Banners Here
chakra tapestry Chakra Tapestry Wall Hanging
1st Quality 100% Cotton Banner
Large Wall Decor Measures:
 76 inches high x 52 inches wide
193.04cm x 132.08cm

A vibrant Celtic border cast against a black background illuminates a colorful Pagan Calendar. Each beautiful tapestry is meticulously hand crafted in India. Tapestries can be hung on the wall, used as tablecloth, blanket, curtain, or as a focal point for meditation.


chakra door hanger Chakra Ribbon Door Hanger

The colors associated with the Chakra energy centers are featured on this fun door hanger that comes with silver color metal hanger and jingles at the bottom that are either leafs or grape bunches (varies).
Height: 13.5" / 34.29 cm
Width: 2" / 5.08 cm
Made in Turkey


Chakra Flag String Chakra Flag String
-details and more pictures here-
Seven flags on a string.
Each flag is 10 inches square
Full String is 7 feet long
First Quality Rayon Batik Flag String

Enhance meditation and healing work and help align and tune each subtle energy center. Seven colorful mandala flags on a string, using traditional colors and designs for the chakras.


Chakra Goddess Banner Chakra Goddesses Banner
A peaceful Goddess sits in meditation, with mandalas for each energy center in rainbow chakra colors.
2 1/2 feet wide x 3 feet tall
First Quality Rayon Batik Banner


   dragon chakra banner Large Dragon Chakra Banner

29 inches wide by 51 inches high 
including hanging loops.
Vibrant Colors with a Chocolate Brown Border

Glitter adds highlights to this vibrant Dragon Tapestry made of rayon. Vibrant colors. Well worth the price (and less than you'll find it most places) for this large classic wall covering.

One of our favorites and a true work of art.
A perfect gift for male healers who love this banner.
Recently re-designed with more color added to the background. Made in Bali, Indonesia
by an artists cooperative.



More Flags and Banners Here
Chakra Banner   chakra banner Chakra Banner
Chakra Wall hanging

-more chakra details here-

A large, long thin rayon banner with mandalas for each chakra in rainbow colors. Purple background. Top quality rayon. Vivid hand batik'd colors.
5 feet long x 1 foot wide.
Because these are each hand made, colors vary slightly.


Purple Chakra Banner Chakra Banner Deep Purple
-more chakra details here-

A large, long thin rayon banner with mandalas for each chakra in rainbow colors. Purple background. Top quality rayon. Vivid hand batik'd colors.
5 feet long x 1 foot wide.
Because these are each hand made, colors vary slightly.



Black Chakra Banner Chakra Banner in Black

100% Cotton Mounted on Finished Posts
12 inches wide by 60 inches long.
30.48 cm x about 152.4 cm long


White Chakra Banner Chakra Banner in White

100% Cotton Banner Mounted on Finished Posts
15 inches wide by 57 - 59 inches long
30.48 cm x about 152.4 cm long


chakra flag Small Cotton Chakra Flag
-more chakra details here-

Smaller hand painted, white background, 100% cotton flag
depicting the 7 chakra energy centers.

5 inches wide x 24 inches long.


black chakra banner Black Chakra Banner
on Hanging Rods with 7 colored flaps
50% cotton and 50% polyester

A black background showcases the vivid colors of each flap on this Seven Chakras Banner. The banner is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and comes with wooden dowels and attached string for display.


(From top)  Sahasrara Chakra, 7th
Crown of head and area just above head, Pineal gland, Spiritual connection, truth, unity consciousness, universal oneness, cosmic connection.
Ajna Chakra, 6th
Between eyebrows on forehead, third-eye, consciousness, Psychic/intuitive awareness, intellect, Perception, understanding, clarity, vision, Pituitary gland.
Vishuddha Chakra, 5th
Throat, base of neck, behind neck, jaw. Affects Glandular System,Thyroid and parathyroid; Creativity and expression.
Anahata Chakra, 4th
Heart, Respiration, Thymus. How we give and receive love and affection.
Manipura Chakra, 3rd
Belly, behind the navel, solar plexus, Digestive System, Adrenals. Personal power and how it is used.
Svadhishtana Chakra, 2nd
Sexual Organs, Drive, Sexual and Emotional energy, Pancreas.
Muladhara Chakra, 1st
Base of the spine, Elimination, Ovaries and Testes, Survival, Grounding.

-more chakra details here-

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