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Shipping and Security Information

To Get An Estimate of Shipping Costs: all you have to do is click on the Add To Cart button to put the item into your shopping cart. Once there, you will see a box that says "Calculate Shipping." By putting your zip code and/or country where the items will be shipped, the shopping cart will calculate your shipping costs. You will have more than one option on what kind of shipping method to choose. This calculation does not obligate you to purchase the item. 

We usually ship your order within 2 to3 days of receiving it, but your order could also take from 3 to 8 business days before it is shipped (many jewelry pieces, for example, or items we don't stock and need to order).  If your order will require more preparation time, we will email you an estimated ship date.

We do our best to adhere to these time estimates, but our inventory is constantly changing based on information we receive  from our suppliers. From time to time, unexpected fluctuations in supply or changes in when new products become available will add time to our original availability estimate.

International Customers

United States Postal  (USPS) Service First Class International now has limited tracking. The Postal Service will let us know when the package leaves the U.S. but after that, it is up to the receiving country to scan the item. This happens about 50% of the time. If you purchase First Class International, your options require you to take action in your home country in the case of a lost package.

First Class International options are available only to orders not exceeding a total shipping weight of 4 pounds, so your order may not allow you to select that shipping method.

If your First Class International package does become lost, look up your customs number sent to you when your package was shipped. You will need to present it to your country's customs office to search for your package. Get your limited update at the US Postal Service website at www.usps.com.

USPS Priority International does give a way to track the package a little better, and offers the carrier an incentive to get it to you by confirming receipt. You can input your Priority Mail Parcel number for tracking purposes and often find out when it has arrived at your home country's customs office. Your number is emailed to you automatically when we ship your order to you. Track your package at www.usps.com.

For international customers, no package can be considered missing unless six weeks have passed since your order was placed. In more than 10 years of shipping overseas, we have had only 3 reports of First Class International packages getting lost (no reports of damage) and most of the time customers just had not waited long enough for their package to arrive. The lost packages actually were returned to us weeks later because the customer either put the ship to address down incorrectly, or the home was registered under another name and should have read "c/o Smith" or the name associated with the address or apartment number (for concierges).

UK Issues-  We have had problems with UK customs waiting for people to come and pay their customs fees before releasing the package, but they have failed to leave a notice that our customers needed to do that! Watch for those notices, and ask your own postal carrier to help you if your package does go missing. We will help you any way we can. See more customs fee information below for the UK.

FedEx Smart Post is Deceiving: Fed Ex Smart Post is a 2 to 8 day shipping service. It uses the Post Office on the last leg of delivery, and it's a Parcel Post service....the slowest available. But FedEx prints 2 days next to it's Smart Post option and there is nothing merchants like us can do about it. We regret the deceptive practice and wish we could change it.

Express or Overnight Delivery can be accommodated with a phone call (805) 540-9520. We require you to call us because we have to know that we can drop everything we are doing in order to get your package to the shipper on time for overnight delivery. That's why we charge 5.00 for the service, which we feel is very reasonable. Normally we use FedEx for overnight delivery because they are the most reliable method. US Postal Service Express is not a guaranteed service and FedEx is. Keep in mind that FedEx offers Next Day Air Saver, Next Day AM delivery, and Next Day PM delivery as well as 1 day and 2 day delivery. All orders for overnight delivery incur additional shipping charges.

All Orders Are Manually Reviewed: Shipping calculations are based on the weight and size of items being shipped to a wide variety of domestic and international destinations. We verify the accuracy of the calculation and frequently REDUCE your shipping charges as appropriate and whenever possible. This is especially the case with small items being shipped overseas. We will not increase the charges unless we contact you first for your approval. We also often refund shipping costs when you order multiple items.

Please note that if we can get it to you faster for the same price, we will choose the faster method unless you specify that the shipping method you have selected must be the one used.
  Shipping costs may fluctuate without notice.

To Get An Estimate of Shipping Costs: all you have to do is click on the Add To Cart button to put the item into your shopping cart. Once there, you will see a box that says "Calculate Shipping." By putting your zip code and/or country where the items will be shipped, the shopping cart will calculate your shipping costs. This calculation does not obligate you to purchase the item. 

Damage: Please inspect your merchandise carefully before discarding the box and packing materials. You'll need to save it for our shipper to inspect. The shipper's insurance is void otherwise. Please call us immediately to file damage claims. Credit will not be issued unless you notify us within a week of receiving the shipment. We will not be responsible for damaged merchandise not in its original packaging and all returns must include the original packaging. We also ask that if you are returning a product for other reasons, that the product be returned in the original packaging so we can issue you a credit for your purchase.

Shipping Outside of the US (we ship worldwide)
International orders
are shipped via U.S. Postal Service and can be sent faster via Global Priority or USPS Express International.  A typical shipment to the U.K. or Europe takes 1 week on average to arrive at your country's customs office. Each country differs in terms of how long it takes to get it from their office to you. International customers are responsible for Custom Duties and Taxes, if they are applicable in the destination country. 

Customs Duties, Customs Taxes, And Customs Clearance Fees
Your country may charge you additional taxes or duties for foreign goods that enter the country. The delivery service, whether USPS, FedEx or UPS, may also  charge you also a customs clearance fees (also called customs brokerage fees).

Customs duties, customs taxes, and administrative fees for customs clearance are not included in the shipping costs. Those fees will be collected directly from the recipient by customs of your country or the delivery service.

Customs taxes, duties are different for every country. You need to check with your customs office to find out about the costs. Customs clearance fees are different for each delivery service.

UK Customers: these fees can be nasty. We recently heard from one of our customers with this estimate (June 8, 2012) Goods over £15 in value cost just over £11 in HM Customs charges and over £8 in charges by the royal mail. We hate this extra charge but try to focus on the services provided in the home country as a result of these fees. Every country is different in how much it charges for customs fees, but they won't deliver your package until you pay the fee. Let's all work within our political systems to open up world markets to free and fair trade.

International customers: please call (805) 540-9520 or e-mail (ggnorders@charter.net) if you would like more information on shipping.  We will charge you as close to actual costs for shipping and packaging as possible.  Depending on the season, some shipment take much less time than estimated. If you are ordering several small items, our shopping cart may make an error in estimating your shipping costs. Almost every day, we give a few customers partial refunds for shipping costs.

Handling Fees: In order to pay for gasoline, boxes, labor, packing materials and a variety of other things it takes to ship your items, we add a small handling fee to all orders except jewelry orders to pay for boxes, packing and labor.

Secure Shopping:  Both our shopping cart and our credit card gateway are secured. The Gateway provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL is a protocol developed by Netscape® to provide secure transmission of private information that is sent over the Internet. This protocol uses public and private key pairs to encrypt data. You'll see a verification seal at the bottom of each shopping cart page indicating security verification status.
     The public and private keys are dissimilar and each pair is unique; therefore, the keys possessed verify the sender's identity. The public key is distributed to the merchant, ISP or CSP in the form of a digital certificate, which contains information that can verify the key holder identity and the key validity. The private key is kept confidential and remains on the Payment Gateway. If data is encrypted with the private key, only the public key can decrypt it. If data is encrypted with the public key, only the private key can decrypt it. This process prevents the data from being compromised while in transit. What this also means is that in order to charge you additional monies, we have to call you and get your credit cards security code. Shop with confidence. We've been on line since 2001.

Please contact us at ggnorders@charter.net or (805) 540-9520. Our mailing address is
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