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buddha shakti statue  Buddha Shakti Statue
in full metal Bronze
Heavier (1 lb) Small Bronze Yab Yum Statue
-more photos and information here-
3 inch x 3 base and 4 7/8 inches tall

Lord and Lady come together in the sacred dance of sexual enlightenment in this brass Buddha Shakti Statue. This one is a heavier metal sculpture. The base is a hammered bronze sheet, formed around it.

The majority of the metal in this statue is bronze.
Muted and antiqued hand finishing is well done
on this high quality little statue.

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Shiva Shakti Yab Yum Banner Buddha or Shiva Shakti
Yab Yum Tantric Banner

The Divine Union of Male and Female in
First quality rayon banner. Vivid hand batik'd colors enhanced with glitter, this wall art measures 33 inches High x 30 inches Wide.

Regular Price:  $39.00
Sale Price:         $29.25
SAVE 25%

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shiva shakti Shiva Shakti Black-Green
Large Statue
12 inch Green-Black Ganges Clay and resin Statue.
Large and detailed.

-more photos here-

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buddha shakti metal miniature  buddha shakti metal miniature Shiva Shakti in Flames

3.25 inches high x 2.25 inches wide
8.25cm x 5.7cm
Larger Miniature Bronze Color Brass Statue
Full Metal Mini

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  Shiva Shakti Statue

 Shiva Shakti close up
Shiva-Shakti Statue
8 inches tall -  Hand painted Ganges Clay and resin

The sacred marriage of lady and lord handpainted in colors that have spiritual significance in the Hindu tradition. This is a medium sized depiction with handpainted details making this a one of a kind artistic icon.

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Shiva Shakti rear
buddha shakti statue Buddha Shakti Statue
Black with Red Highlights
Tantric Path to Enlightenment

 Heavier Black Resin Statue made in Nepal
Base: 4.5" x 5.5" Height: 8 inches

-more photos here-

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buddha shakti statue Buddha Shakti
Thanka Painted Statue
Blue with Red, Green and Orange Highlights
Tantric Path to Enlightenment

 Hand painted Resin Statue made in Nepal
 5.25" high with a base that's 2" x 3"

-more photos here-

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buddha shakti statue Buddha Shakti Red-Black Statue
Black with Red Highlights
Tantric Path to Enlightenment

Hand finished Resin Statue made in Nepal
 5.25" high with a base that's 3" x 3.25"
Excellent quality for the price.

-more photos here-

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shiva shakti plaque  Tantric Path to Enlightenment
Shiva-Shakti Plaque
7.5 by 3.75 inch
Orange Colored Ganges Clay and resin plaque

-more photos and info here-

This wall plaque appears as if it is sculpted from sand. White highlights give this sandstone finish a sandy look around the orange pigment of the materials.Sturdy hanger on back.

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shiva shakti statue   Hindu Shiva-Shakti Statue
8 inch Black with Bronze Highlights
Colored Ganges Clay

Enhanced and strengthened with resin powder. This is one of our most popular models of Shiva and Shakti, handfinished with bronze colored highlights. See the rest of the photos before deciding at this link:

-more images of this statue here-

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shiva shakti Shiva Shakti Statue

4 inch Blue-Black Ganges Clay and resin Statue. Small and discreet for creating yin and yang sacred spaces. A small and subtle representation with a very nice hand finish.

-more photos here-

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Shakti dancing Banner
Deep Purple Border
Dancing Shakti Goddess Banner
3 ft. tall x 4 feet wide

Shakti, the primordial Divine Feminine energy in the Hindu tradition, dances on a lotus, riding waves of oceanic energy.
Not a traditional image... this came in a dream.

-more on this banner here-

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Nataraja Shiva Dancing Statue  Nataraja Shiva Dancing
10.5 inches high - Cold Cast Bronze

Hindu Universal Godhead, dancing the universe into creation & destruction; creating harmony in meditation. The ring of fire depicts the cosmos coming into being. One of the supreme Hindu Trinity with Brahma & Vishnu.

-more photos and info here-
shiva standing statue

 shiva standing statue
Bronze Shiva Standing in Flames Statue
 15 inches high - 38 cm  Full Metal Bronze
4 pounds

Hindu Shiva is shown here in a less well known pose. Beautifully hand pounded bronze sculpture from our artisans in India, this Shiva dances within his signature arch of flames.

Shiva’s aureole of fire represents the rhythm of the Universe and emanates from a lotus pedestal, the Hindu symbol of enlightenment.

Shiva in a front-facing position, legs firmly planted as he gazes outward is a less-common representation reminiscent of 11th c. Chola pieces.

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Tantra Flag String New! Tantra Flag String
Each flag is 9 inches square.

Nine small pieces of art on flags, representing the merging of male and female polarities into unity.  Nine small flags on a string with symbols of balancing male & female energies.

Details and more photos here

Images include Moon, Sun, Adya Shakti, Kali Yantra, Dakini, Yoni- Lingam, Shiva Dancing, Shiva Shakti, Sri Yantra.

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shiva shakti banner  Shiva-Shakti Banner Tapestry 
First Quality Rayon.
39 inches H x 32 inches W (99 x 81 cm).
Rod pocket at the top for hanging.

Vivid hand batik'd colors.

Half Shiva half Shakti, this banner represents the balance between male and female, yin and yang.

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pagan great rite statue Pagan Great Rite Statue
Enlightenment through sexuality

The Forest God and Moon Goddess join their magical energies as they embrace in the most sacred Pagan Wiccan ritual.

Seated on a pentacle within a circle, they are surrounded by symbols of their mastery over life, death, love, power and energy.

Details and more photos here

Shiva-Shakti: Hindu. The Sacred Marriage of Lady and Lord, depicts a condition of enlightenment where male and female human principles, anima and animus, yin and yang, are perfectly combined in a balanced way. In these images, the union of vajradhara and Shakti expresses the sacredness of sexuality as a path to spiritual union.
Vajradhara (Hindu Shiva) represents the original, primordial Buddha, the one absolute power which creates itself, with no beginning and no end.

Most of these sculptures show a position of sexual union known as Yab-Yum (literally Father-Mother) in Tibetan. This depiction represents a fundamental concept of Buddhism, the union of the male representing compassion with the female representing wisdom, this marriage leading to enlightenment. Shiva is seated in a meditation pose wearing a crown on his head.

He holds a thunderbolt (Vajra) in his right hand representing the male aspect of skillful means and method. In his left hand, he holds a bell (Ghanta) representing the female aspect of supreme wisdom, the two together symbolizes the union of the male and female aspects which leads to liberation and enlightenment.

Shakti holds a ritual curved knife (Kartika) in her right hand symbolizing the severance of ignorance and all material and worldly things. In her left hand, she holds a skull cup (Kapala), used in tantric rituals for tantric rituals for offering sacrificial meat or blood to protective deities.