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   Egyptian Goddess Isis Statue Egyptian Goddess Isis Statue
Cold Cast Bronze Resin
11 78 inches tall x 9 7/8 inches x 3.5 inches
30.16 cm x 25.08 cm x 8.89 cm

Wings Spread in a Protective Pose, the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis is shown here in full flower, crowned and expanded. She is a regal Goddess who "made wind with her wings."


   egyptian isis statue Egyptian Black Isis Goddess Statue
11 78 inches tall x 9 7/8 inches x 3.5 inches
30.16 cm x 25.08 cm x 8.89 cm

Wings Spread in a Protective Pose, the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis is shown here in full flower, crowned and expanded. She is a regal Goddess who "made wind with her wings."


   Egyptian Lotus Hand Mirror Egyptian Lotus Hand Mirror Egyptian Lotus Hand Mirror
with Drawer and Stand
12.5 inches high / 31.75 cm

Hand painted resin


Egyptian Isis Incense Holder 
Egyptian Isis Incense Holder
Egyptian Goddess Isis Boat Incense Holder

11 inches long / 27.94 cm
Hand painted resin

   egyptian isis statue Egyptian Goddess Isis Enthroned
Isis Nursing Horus Statue

in Black and Gold Resin
7.5 inches high 
3 1/8 x 2 3/8 inch base


   isis flag Isis Flag
Wall Decor

Large 16 inch wide by 20 inch tall (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
 individual flag with rod pocket for hanging.
First quality heavier, silky polyester and rayon fabric.



goddess isis pendantgoddess isis pendant    Isis Pendant
White Bronze Metal
1 inch high not including bail

The beautiful winged Goddess in a seated position holding the ankh of life.



   isis sistrum isis sistrum Isis Sistrum
Sacred Rattle with Metal Jingles
11 inches long / 27.94 cm

Wonderful ringing sound and lovely traditional design.
Lighter weight for longer playing time.


   isis goddess wall hanging
(c) Global Gifts
 Winged Isis Goddess Banner
39 inches by  32.5 inches
99 cm x 82.6cm
1.5 to 2.5 inch sewn rod pocket for hanging,
included in measurements.

Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis who "made wind with her feathers" is shown here doing just that. High quality altar cloth that feels like heavy silky lined fabric. Hemmed edges. One-sided wall hanging.

100% polyester, eco-friendly inks made in USA.
Water resistant, UV resistant, and strong color fastness. Usually lasts more than 1 year outdoors depending on local environmental conditions.
Digitally printed with dye sublimation and heat transfer.

Regular Price:  $38.95
On Sale Now:   $28.95

isis egyptian candleabra 

 isis egyptian candleabra

 isis egyptian candleabra
 Isis Egyptian Goddess Candelabra Statue
in Cold Cast Bronze

13.75 inches high
34.92 cm high

With a dramatic upsweep of her glorious wings, this Goddess made wind. Here, she shows off in all her splendid glory, standing with wings spread and holding two candle holders for your fire light.



isis egyptian candleabra 
   isis goddess statue  Isis Egyptian Goddess Standing Statue
Black and Gold
9 inches high x 10 inches wide
22.86cm x 25.4cm

With a dramatic upsweep of her glorious wings, this black Goddess made wind. Here, she shows off in all her splendid glory, standing with wings spread.


   isis nursing horus statue isis nursing horus statue isis nursing horus statue isis nursing horus statue  Isis Nursing Horus
L: 3.5" x W: 1.5" x H: 6"
8.89cm x 3.8cm x 15.24

Black and gold depiction of the Winged Goddess Isis nursing infant Horus. This Goddess was considered a protective Goddess whose wings offered a place to find solace and safety. You can feel it in this piece!


isis ankh necklace Isis Necklace with Rhinestones
W: 0.976 inch X L: 1.4 inch
2.47cm x 3.55cm

The winged Goddess Isis is protected here by the ankh of life and the eye of Horus. The bling comes from real rhinestones that embellish the piece.


isis earrings Isis Earrings with Rhinestones
W: 0.834 inch X L: 0.837 inch
2.11cm x 2.12cm

The lovely winged Goddess who made wind with her feathers is featured in these golden earrings. Real rhinestones add a fun blingy sparkle to these affordable Goddess gifts.


egyptian isis statue Egyptian Isis Standing Golden Statue
 8.75 inches high / 22.22 cm

This exquisite gold enhanced Isis statue is a regal depiction of the Goddess with golden horned crown and scepter. She stands on a base adorned with hieroglyphics. This Goddess holds the ankh in one hand. Small to medium elegant depiction for any space needing class.


isis goddess offering bowl
Turquoise Winged Goddess
Egyptian Isis Winged Goddess Blessing Bowl
Handmade in USA
 Turquoise Crackle Ceramic Offering Vessel
Size: 4.5 inch diameter

Egyptian Winged Isis adorns this hand made blessing or offering bowl. With wings spread, this Goddess is seated on an ornate pillow as she fluffs out her wings. She, the flapping of whose wings made the wind.
Each firing is unique and so each offering bowl by Diane De Baun is unique.
Use sand with cone incense to avoid scorching.



-more ceramic offering bowls here-

isis and eye of horus necklace

Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace
This necklace includes a 24" chain
with a 2" extension
Lead free alloy metal, hand painted


isis with shield statue Black Isis Egyptian Goddess Statue
 11 inch high
Hand painted resin

-more photos and information here-

This Isis Goddess shows off shiny black, a warrior stance, royal vulture headdress and hand painted embellishments. A sight to behold with gold eyeliner and other special touches. Hand painted resin statue.

Regularly:  $38.50
On Sale Now:  $28.50


isis with shield Isis Goddess Statue
Cold Cast Bronze Material
Hand finished bronze resin
11 inch high

-more photos and information here-

This Isis Goddess is made from cold cast bronze, a finish that looks like bronze but costs a fraction of the price. Subtle colors in this hand finished statue give it a high quality look and feel. Wonderful illustration of this winged Goddess as might warrior with her vulture headdress.

Regularly: $41.00
On Sale Now: $34.99


Black Winged Isis Statue Black Winged Isis Figurine
Heavy and a true work of art. 

-more photos and information here-
Kneeling Black Isis Mini Egyptian Isis Kneeling
Black and Gold Painted Miniature
3 inches high -
Hand finished resin


 Greek Isis with Sistrum   Close Up Goddess Isis with sistrum top  Close Up Goddess Isis with sistrum lower Greek Goddess Isis  with Sistrum Statue
Beautiful reproduction of the black basalt statues recently recovered from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Alexandria. One of our favorites too!
9 inch black resin statue. Hand finished resin



-more info on Greek Isis here-
Black Isis with Scepter

Close up of black isis
Black Isis Egyptian Goddess
7.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep
Hand finished gold and black resin

 Isis enthroned with royal golden staff, this Black Goddess has a regal feel depicted here on her throne. Small and vibrant with contrasting black and gold colors.

Regularly: $25.00
On Sale Now:  $19.99

Winged Full Color Isis Isis Kneeling with Wings Spread Statue
resin statue with hand painted full color detail
8.5 inches high
Hand finished resin

-details here-


Isis Kneeling with Wings Spread Statue
in Cold Cast Bronze with color detail
9 inches high and 13 inches wide

-details and more pictures here-


Isis Mini Statue
Egyptian Goddess Isis Statue and Miniature

-more about this Isis statue-

2.75 inch high miniature


5.25 inch high statue

Blue Isis Statue Egyptian Goddess Blue Isis Nursing Horus
6.5 inches high - resin
Egyptian Faience Blue Isis Statue

This glazed earthenware finish was the original holy blue of sacred purity. Initiates into the cult of Isis spoke of seeing her sending out rays of blue light of grace and salvation. Her name comes from Egyptian Ashesh, which means both supporting and pouring out (of milk). Isis is called the Oldest of the Old, who existed from the beginning, the Goddess
from whom all beginning arose.

Isis Fabric Doorway Goddess Isis Doorway
Decorative Tent or Fabric Doorway
41.75 inches wide by 77.5 inches long with a 15 inch top overhang.

-details and more pictures here-

egyptian mirror  egyptian mirror Egyptian Scarab Hand Mirror
Hand finished resin mirror

Egyptian's believed that scarab beetles buried their dung ball / eggs into the ground. It then went through various worm-like stages (the larvae), became a corpse (the pupa), and ultimately was born anew from the ball. Egyptian priests compared this journey to that of the sun. At the end of the day, the sun enters into the ground as does the scarab and his ball. The sun travels underground, undergoing a mysterious metamorphoses, or khepru, resulting in regeneration. The next morning, the sun rises from the ground rejuvenated, as the scarab god Khepri.


Winged Isis Rubber Stamp

winged isis rubber stamp
Isis (Winged) Rubber Stamp
2.5 inches x 1.75 inches
High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on straight-sided hardwood blocks with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.

Standing Isis Rubber Stamp  isis rubber stamp Isis (Standing) Stamp
3.7 inches x 1.5 inches
High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on straight-sided hardwood blocks with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.


Cleopatra as Isis Rubber Stamp Cleopatra as Isis Rubber Stamp  Cleopatra as Isis Stamp
High Quality,100% red rubber mounted on straight-sided hardwood blocks with a thick rubber sponge between the image and the block.
1.75 inches x 1.25 inch

cult of isis necklace

Cult of Isis Necklace
comes with 18 inch chain

This elegant necklace presents a pendant that is designed to closely mirror the headpiece that is so often seen atop the head of the goddess Isis in statuary, hieroglyphs and other religious art. In this it is perfect for those who revere and worship that famed goddess of Egypt who was often viewed as the ideal mother, wife and the matron of nature and magic.

Made of English pewter, the pendant presents two horns rising up from a base of Egyptian hieroglyphs, flaring out to the sides of a circular glass disc that almost seems to glow with a deep crimson color.

Hanging 1 1/4" long, the pendant comes on an elegant, 18" long chain.

Regularly:  $28.00
Sale Priced Now: $19.99


maat pendant

isis pendant
Isis Pendant
Lead Free Pewter
with black cord
1 inch high x 2 inches wide

Isis Pendant represents the Goddess with wing spread on bended knee. Painted pewter makes fine colorful detail and it's a complete necklace with a black cord. A conversation piece of art you wear around your neck.

Pewter Isis Pendant  Isis Pendant 
in Pewter
comes on a black cord
(not a chain as depicted)


Isis Open Winged Pendant

Goddess Isis Open Winged
1.5 inches with 5 - 7mm stone.
Sterling Silver.
Allow 2 weeks for custom stones

Please Select Gemstone


ankh egyptian necklace egyptian necklace scarab eye egyptian necklace scarab with stone

Three New Egyptian Necklaces

Egyptian Double Serpent and Ankh

Egyptian Golden Scarab with Rhinestones and Eye of Horus

Egyptian Winged Scarab with Amber Colored Rhinestone

-more photos and details here-


Isis: Greek/Roman.  Inventor of agriculture, law and medicine.

     Isis was worshiped throughout the Greco-Roman world as the Goddess who placed the Sun God Ra in the sky and according to Egyptian scriptures, "In the beginning there was Isis, Oldest of the Old." She married her husband-brother Osiris and conceived Horus, the original Son of God. Her "Mother of God" or "Divine Mother" role was later assumed by the Virgin Mary.
    Wings spread on bended knee, hieroglyphic hymns praised the Great Goddess Isis as "she who made light with her feathers and wind with her wings." The magnificent golden colored statues are reproduced from a royal mummy case, on which her form was painted in order to catch the departing soul in her wings and shepherd it to a new life. Her wings are symbols of her role as a protectress.
    Standing Isis at top of page: here, she carries the ankh and the papyrus scepter of Goddesses; the horns and sun disk of Hathor. She wears a feather dress and a headdress composed of a vulture, showing that she was identified with the Goddess Maat

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in the 4th century B.C.E., Egyptian art took a decidedly Hellenistic turn. This beautiful reproduction of the black basalt statues recently recovered from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Alexandria is the classical Lady whose "divinity is adored throughout all the world in divers manners, in variable customs, and by many names."

As Apuleius describes Her speech, "I am she that is the natural mother of all things, mistress and governess of all the elements, the initial progeny of worlds, chief of the powers divine, queen of all that are in hell, the principal of them that dwell in heaven, manifested alone and under one form of all the gods and goddesses."

Isis is part of the
Circle of Goddesses Candle ShrineCircle of Goddesses 
Hindu Kali, the powerful healing mother; Inanna, the Sumerian fertility goddess; Diana, wild Greek goddess of forest and field; and Isis, the Great Queen of Egyptian civilization dance around a sacred jug that can be used to hold a candle.