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Goddess Jewelry
Please Note: Many jewelry items are made to order and may require 5-10 days for delivery...

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Amphirite Goddess Pendant
ŠJane Iris Designs

Goddess Amphitrite Pendant
  Sterling Silver. Measures approx 1 inch x 3/4 inch

 A Greek sea-goddesss who was the female manifestation of the ocean itself. Before Poseidon, she was known as the triple goddess who ruled the sea. Made in USA.

-add a chain for $5.00-|


maat necklace Maat Necklace
Larger pendant about an inch long.


sphinx necklace Sphinx Necklace
Larger pendant about an inch long.




eye of horus necklace Eye of Horus Necklace
Larger pendant a little over an inch long.


tree goddess necklace  Tree Goddess Necklace
1.25 inches long

The limbs of the tree Goddess seek the sky as her roots reach for the deep earth. Chain not included. This is a delicate pendant great for a smaller wearer. Sterling silver


tree goddess earrings Tree Goddess Earrings
with malachite beads

Tree Goddess and Bead are 1 inch long
The healing properties of the malachite stone accompany this tree Goddess earring set. Sterling Silver throughout.


tree goddess pendant
ŠJane Iris Designs
Daphne Pendant - Tree Goddess
This Greek priestess led secret woman's rituals celebrating the earth's femininity.
Measures 1 1/2 inches round. Made in USA.

-add a chain for $5.00-

Bronze (P72B): $30.00
Silver (P72): $46.00
Please Select Metal


hathor Pendant with Turquoise
Shown with Turquoise
ŠJane Iris Designs
Egyptian Goddess Hathor Pendant
with Custom Stone
Known as a symbol of women at their best: art, love, pleasure, singing and dancing.
This beautiful Divine Feminine Hathor Pendant Measures 2 x 1 1/2".
Sterling Silver. Made in USA.

With most stones:
-view stones-
-add a chain for $5.00-
Please Select Gemstone


    hathor goddess jewelry

hathor goddess jewelry
ŠJane Iris Designs

Hathor Goddess Pendant
in Bronze or Silver

Known as a symbol of women at their best: art, love, pleasure, singing and dancing.
This unique Hathor pendant comes in bronze or silver.
Measures approx 1 1/2 x 1 1/4".
Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00

Bronze (P47B): $36.00
Silver (P47): $54.00
Please Select Metal


ŠJane Iris Designs
Earth Mother Goddess Gaia Pendant
Gaia is the Greek name for Mother Earth who birthed the world and brought the human race out of chaos.She encompasses the mystery of every woman.
This exquisite Gaia Goddess pendant measures approx 1 1/4 inch x 1 1/4 inches.
Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00

Bronze: $32.00
Silver: $48.00
Please Select Metal

     Goddess Link Detail
ŠJane Iris Designs    Detail
Goddess Link Bracelet

This 8 inch long sterling silver bracelet symbolizes the Divine Feminine with each Goddess figure dependant on the next.
Great as a gift for a woman you rely on!
Made in USA.



     Goddess Link Detail
ŠJane Iris Designs   Detail
Goddess Link Necklace

This 16 inch Sterling Silver necklace is the symbol of the Divine Feminine.
Woman to woman is the message for your female friend, mother, sister, aunt
or even men who love women.
Made in USA.



ŠJane Iris Designs
Divine Feminine Goddess Charm

This lovely charm is suitable for hanging on a charm bracelet, as a single earring (you provide the findings), or even as a lapel pin.
Delicately, she proclaims her Divine Femininity.
This lovely charm measuring 1-1/4 inches long is Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00



ŠJane Iris Designs
Goddess Jewelry Hook Earrings

Are about 1 1/4 inches long. A gift any woman would cherish.

Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00-

Bronze (E28B): $25.00
Silver (E28): $35.00
Please Select Metal


ŠJane Iris Designs
Kwan Yin Goddess Jewelry Pendant
Goddess of compassion, kindness and love, Her name means
"She who harkens to the cries of the world."
Meaningful gift for a compassionate woman you know.

Measures 2 inches tall x 3/4 inches wide.
 Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00

.925 Sterling Silver



Sekhmet Pendant
(shown with garnet)

Sekhmet Pendant with citrine
(shown with citrine)
ŠJane Iris Designs

Egyptian Jewelry
Goddess Sehkmet Pendant

Egyptian Lioness Sehkmet is known as "The Mighty One." This lion Goddess offers cleansing and healing powers through fire.
Sizable pendant measures approx 2 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches.
Sterling Silver. Made in USA.

-view stones-
-add a chain for $5.00-

Please Select Gemstone

sister pendant

sister goddesses pendant
ŠJane Iris Designs
Sister Goddess Pendant

Sterling Silver pendant comes with amethyst bead, blue lace agate bead, cornelian sphere, lapis lazuli sphere or rose quartz sphere
Approx 1 1/2 inches X 1 1/2 inches,

Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00-

Please Select Sphere Style


ŠJane Iris Designs
Egyptian Jewelry Nut Goddess Pendant

Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Nut or Nuit (pronounced Noot) was believed to be the Goddess whose domain included both heaven, earth and the night sky.
Pendant measures approx 2 1/4 inches x 1/4 inches.
.925 Sterling Silver.
Made in USA
 -add a chain for $5.00-

Sterling Silver:


maiden mother crone pendant

ŠJane Iris Designs
Maiden, Mother, Crone Pendant

This unique Sterling Silver goddess jewelry pendant
symbolizes the three main stages in a woman life from young maiden, through the years of fertility to the wise crone. Pendant measures approx 1 inch X 1 inch. Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00-


bronze lady of the beast pendant
ŠJane Iris Designs
Lady of Beasts Goddess Pendant

This lady was worshipped in matriarchal societies and all manner of beasts were her friends and assistants. Between her and the animal world there was no antagonism or hostility. Some of her names were Diana, Artemis, Hecate and Persephone. 
Measures approx 1 1/2 inches x 3/4 inch.
Made in USA.
-add a chain for $5.00-

On Sale Now: $18.00




ŠJane Iris Designs
Venus Pendant with Green Onyx
Shown with Green Onyx
Chain not included
Female Venus Symbol Pendant
 with custom stone

In astrology, Venus is the planet associated with the
yin qualities of affection, receptivity, creativity and harmony.
This feminine symbol pendant measures
about 1 inch x 1/2 inch. Sterling Silver.
Made in USA.

 -view stones-
-add a chain for $5.00

Please Select Gemstone

Triple Moon Garnet Earrings On Sale Now!
Triple Moon Goddess Earrings

with Garnet Stone
Sterling Silver

Using garnet set into the triple moon goddess design, these earrings reflect the shifting nature of the goddess in all her aspects. Set on a traditional french hook. 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch tall (without the bail).

On Sale Now: $14.00

Namaste Pendant
ŠWellstone Jewelers
Namaste Pendant with Citrine stone
(shown with Citrine)
Namaste Pendant
7/8 inch

This little pendant is reminiscent of yoga, meditation, and a salutation which means "I salute the Divine in you." Seated atop a custom stone of your choice, it is shown with amethyst above left, and citrine below left.
Choose the empowering stone of your choice below.

-add a chain for $5.00

Please Select Gemstone

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