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bangwa fertilty statue  African Bangwa Anyi Mother of Twins Statue
Handfinished African Fertility Statue
6"High x 3"Wide x 2.5"Deep

Handfinished resin with a rough hewn
wooden feel to the finish.

-more photos and information here-


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 akuaba fertility statue Akua'ba African Fertility Statue
Handfinished Asante Fertility Icon
8"High x 3.5"Wide x 1.25"Deep
Hand finished resin with a wood look
and black metal base.

The Asante sculptures are famous for their figurines of women, known as "Akua'ba." They are usually between 8 and 16 inches high and have a big, round flat head on a stylized body. This shape fits the ideal of feminine beauty of the Akan women: a high, flat forehead, small mouth and long neck.

-more photos and information here-


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peruvian fertility goddess Chupicuaro Fertility Goddess Figurine
Handpainted Peruvian Fertility Icon
5.5"High x 4"Wide x 2.5"Deep

Female figurines from this part of the world (Lima, Peru) are extremely broad-hipped, probably as a symbol of fertility. We know from related cultures that they are also associated with the fertility of the earth and the changing of the seasons. Museum replica.

-more photos and information here-


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 caryatid figure
Caryatid Figure Statue
by Modigliani

Handpainted Egyptian Miniature Statue
11"High x 2.5"Wide x 2.25"Deep

At a young age, Modigliani traveled to the store quarries of Carrara to become skilled in the art of sculpting. Later fascinated by the traditional sculptures from Africa and Oceania, and only two complete human figures. Both have the characteristics of a caryatid.

-more photos and info here-


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Greek Winged Phallus Phallic Fertility Statue

 Greek Winged Phallus Phallic Fertility Statue

 Greek Winged Phallus Phallic Fertility Statue
Greek Phallic Bird Fertility Statue
in Artist's Casting Stone
5.5 inches high or 14 cm

Phallic Bird Fertility Symbol
Dionysus Temple, Delos Island, Greece, 300 B.C.

The phallic bird was used in Ancient Greece for fertility rituals, and Dionysian processions where participants carried phallic poles. The unveiling of the phallus constituted an important rite of Dionysian celebrations. The phallus was a popular symbol of fertility. Phallic imagery in public monuments and in ordinary domestic and commercial plaques can be found at different times and places throughout the Greek world.

Phallic icons were often placed outside houses, in doorways, walls, boundaries, graves, etc. It was often used as a symbol of protection and warding off evil. The phallus not only decorated and protected houses, but also individuals. Amulets of bronze, brass, coral, bone or gold in the shape of a phallus were often worn as rings or pendants by both children and adults to ward off evil. Phallic artifacts include amulets, lamps, votives, figurines, boundary markers, ornaments,
tintinnabulation and pottery.

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Greek Winged Phallus Phallic Fertility Statue
Island of Women Ixchel Ixchel Island of Women Statue
7 1/2 " black gold color resin statue

In this reproduction of a stone carving, Ixchel beckons us to approach her temple. Her headdress is decorated with fish tails and ocean waves. On her back she wears her water pot adorned with water snakes.
Mayan peoples of highland Guatemala honor Ixchel as the protector of women during childbirth.

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Blue Isis Statue Egyptian Goddess Isis Nursing Horus
6.5 inches high - resin
Egyptian Faience Blue Isis Statue
This glazed earthenware finish was the original holy blue of sacred purity. Initiates into the cult of Isis spoke of seeing her sending out rays of blue light of grace and salvation. Her name comes from Egyptian Ashesh, which means both supporting and pouring out (of milk). Isis is called the Oldest of the Old, who existed from the beginning, the Goddess
from whom all beginning arose.
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Black Spiral Goddess Black Spiral Goddess Statue

8 inch black hand antiqued Ganges clay and resin statue.

The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance. As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

-more photos here-

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Black Spiral Goddess Black Mini Spiral Goddess Statue

3.5 inch black hand antiqued Ganges clay and resin statue. 

The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance. As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

-more photos here-

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oya of winds bust Oya of Winds
Yoruban Goddess from Ghana

8.5 inches high, 3 inches deep
Black-gold resin statue.

-Details and more photos here-

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[contemporary image, Ghana]

Mother Child Sculpture 
©Sigrid Herr  
Mother and Child Garden Sculpture
This sculpture is custom made.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
Comes in two sizes.

-details on this Garden Statue-
Pregnant Woman Statue
©Sigrid Herr   
Birth Mother Garden Statue

This sculpture is custom made in two sizes.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

-more about this Garden Statue-
Black Basalt Isis Nursing Horus Goddess Isis Nursing Horus
7 inches (18cm) high
Black Basalt Casting Stone, this lovely piece is hand finished with a white highlights against the dark grey. It's a high quality finish we're proud to offer at a reasonable price.

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Mini Isis Nursing Horus Gold Mini Isis Nursing Horus  
4 inch Bonded Marble
Hand painted in gold and black.
The nurturing, suckling Goddess in miniature.

Typical Retail: $9.00
Our Price:        $6.30
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Frog Goddess Heket Goddess Heket Statue
Egyptian Frog Goddess

3 inches tall (7 cm) and heavy Casting Stone paperweight statue. Heket assisted in fashioning the child in the womb and presided over the birth in her capacity of midwife.
 Bronze Finish with Gold Detail.

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More info about Heket here
Ixchel with Rabbit Statue Mayan Ixchel of Fertility Statue
8 inches brown/gray colored gypsumstone statue

Mayan peoples of highland Guatemala honor Ixchel as the protector of women during childbirth. In this Mayan Goddess statue she is shown in her moon-maiden aspect with a fecund rabbit companion, an ancient and modern symbol of fertility.

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[National Geographic Society, c. 800 CE]
ashera statue Semitic Goddess Asherah

5 inches high - Black fired Ganges Clay and resin

-more info and images here-

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[Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, c."1400 BCE]
Turriga Mother Goddess of Italy Turriga Mother Italian Goddess of Fertility

8 inch (20cm) high
Casting Stone with marble base.
-More photos and information here-
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[National Archaeological Museum of Cagliary, Italy:
3200 - 2800 BC]

gold plated egyptian hippo

Egyptian Hippo Goddess of Fertility

-more images and info here-

inanna statue Inanna Goddess Statue
8 inch Inanna of Fertility Statue

Antique stone colored Ganges clay and resin mixture.
Here the Goddess in breast offering pose in a smaller statue. Finish is a grey color with fine detail throughout. Mesopotamian fertility icon.

-more images and info here-

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ariadne statue Goddess Ariadne Statue
8 inches High
Antiqued stone colored gypsumstone. Here the Goddess is adorned with her Cobra and Panther headdress as she holds the snake of rebirth and regeneration. Greek fertility statue.

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[Candia Museum, Crete,1600-1500 BCE]

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freya plaque Norse Goddess Freya Plaque
Resin Plus red/black finish
7 inch plaque

Powerful, wise, beautiful. Freya is power and mystery in Goddess form. In every aspect of life or death Freya is there. She is considered a Norse fertility Goddess.

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Harvest Goddess of Mohenjo Daro Statue Harvest Goddess of Mohenjo Daro
7.5 inches H (19cm)
Stone cast statue, antique stone finish, marble base.

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-more information here-

[National Archaeological Museum, 2600 BC]
modern venus by zeleny

modern venus by zeleny
Venus Enwombed
by Ann Zeleny
Handfinished ivory color resin plaque
11 3/4 inches high.
Heavier and substantial.

A substantial piece of artwork worthy of wall decor that would really be a conversation piece. The abundant Goddess appear to be happily emerging from womb-like structure. Flat on the back.

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