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Famous Black Madonna Statues and other African Goddesses and Icons Here
   Oya of Winds Statue Oya of Winds
Proud Goddess of Winds, Storms and Transformation

Size: 8.75 inches high / 22.22cm high
Base: 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches
13.97cm x 8.25cm

Material: cold cast bronze, hand painted and hand finished.

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   Yoruba Goddess Oshun Statue
Oshun African Yoruba Goddess Statue
Oshun Statue

9.5 inches high  (23.49cm)
3.25 inches wide base (8.25cm)
Hand finished cold cast bronze statue

Oshun is accompanied by her Parrot consort in this lovely, tropic feeling statue. Scantily clad for the heat of African winds, and dedicated to the beauty of both internal and external images, she offers healing through love,  sensuality and artistic appreciation.

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isis with shield statue  isis with shield statue  isis with shield statue
Black Isis Egyptian Goddess Statue
 11 inch high

This Isis Goddess shows off shiny black, a warrior stance, royal vulture headdress and hand painted embellishments. A sight to behold with gold eyeliner and other special touches. Hand painted resin statue.

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dolni vestonice
The Goddess of Dolni Vestonice
5 inches x 3 inches  x 3.5 inches

Some assembly required, but what a fun replica for your office desk or that of a colleague. Three pieces: The Goddess, the double breast pendant, and a female skull all fit nicely into carved crevices. Comes with info card.

-more photos and info on this statue here-

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isis miniature statue Isis Miniature Goddess Statuette
Isis Standing Statue
Miniature statue 3.25 inches high

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bastet woman cat statue
Bastet Woman Black & Gold Cat Statue
 10 3/4 inches high
Hand painted and hand finished resin statue

-more photos here-

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  Durga on Tiger Statue
Goddess Durga Hand finished Resin Statue
12 inches high

Nicely detailed and hand finished Durga shows the Goddess with her many symbols. Perfect for honoring the dark mother on your alta

-more photos and information on this statue here-


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bangwa fertilty statue  African Bangwa Anyi Mother of Twins Statue
Handfinished African Fertility Statue
6"High x 3"Wide x 2.5"Deep

Handfinished resin with a rough hewn
wooden feel to the finish.

-more photos and information here-


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 akuaba fertility statue Akua'ba African Fertility Statue
Handfinished Asante Fertility Icon
8"High x 3.5"Wide x 1.25"Deep
Handfinished resin with a wood look
and black metal base.

The Asante sculptures are famous for their figurines of women, known as "Akua'ba." They are usually between 8 and 16 inches high and have a big, round flat head on a stylized body. This shape fits the ideal of feminine beauty of the Akan women: a high, flat forehead, small mouth and long neck.

-more photos and information here-


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 ceremonial spoon Zulu African Ceremonial Spoon with Stand

-more photos and details here-

Anahita Full View Lady of the Beasts Statue
Goddess Anahita

9 inches high
Midnight black with gold/bronze accents.
Colored Ganges Clay and resin statue.

-more information and images here-

Middle Eastern Goddess
Anahita, the Lioness Lady and Queen of Beasts
[British Museum, 500 BCE]

If cats are your familiar companions, then this is your Lady!

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[From a pre-Roman bronze hydria (large jar)
found in Switzerland, 600 BCE]

Black Spiral Goddess Black Spiral Goddess Statue

8 inch black hand antiqued
Ganges clay and resin statue.

The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance. As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

-more photos here-

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Black Spiral Goddess Black Mini Spiral Goddess Statue

3.5 inch black hand antiqued
Ganges clay and resin statue. 

The Goddess who keeps light and dark in balance. As surely as night follows day and as surely as the seasons turn, each life spirals through its seasons of darkness, contemplation, going within and deep consideration.

-more photos here-

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oya of winds bust Oya of Winds
Yoruban Goddess from Ghana

8.5 inches high, 3 inches deep
Black-gold resin statue.

-Details and more photos here-

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[contemporary image, Ghana]
Black Isis with Scepter

Close up of black isis
Black Isis Egyptian Goddess
7.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep

 Isis enthroned with royal golden staff, this Black Goddess has a regal feel depicted here on her throne. Small and vibrant with contrasting black and gold colors.


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Black Isis Statue Black Standing Isis with Scepter
12 inches high by 7 inches by 2.75 inches

This exquisite black skinned Isis statue is a regal depiction of the Goddess with golden horned crown and scepter. She stands on a base adorned with heiroglyphics. This Goddess has got back with a more substantial booty than any other Isis we've seen!

-details and more photos here-

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Black Sekhmet Lioness Goddess Sekhmet Statue
7.25 inches H by 2.5 W x 3.5 L

Handpainted and hand finished resin statue shows the Lioness Goddess with vibrant colors of black and gold that show off both her nurturing and her fierce sides. Looking right at home on her throne, here Sekhmet entertains supplicants that would seek her counsel. Perfect for the altar.

-more pictures and info here-

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Bast with Aegis close up  Bastet with Aegis Goddess Bastet Holding Aegis and Sistrum
Large Statue   15.5 inches high

Black and gold resin Bastet Cat Goddess is depicted here with her striped dress, and holding aegis and sistrum. The sistrum is an accessory that comes with the statue. We love this elegant statue that proves black is beautiful and elegant.

Typical Retail: $65.63
Our Price:         $59.00

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Kneeling Black Isis Mini Egyptian Isis Kneeling
Black and Gold Painted Miniature
3 inches high

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Aztec Virgin of Tonantzin Statue
Dark Skinned Guadalupe
9 inch tall Handpainted Ganges Clay and resin statue

-more photos here-

The Virgin of Guadalupe offers miracles and freedom from enslavement. In 1531, this Goddess appeared four times to Juan Diego in Mexico. Despite winter cold, flowers miraculously bloomed at her feet. Juan was directed to take them to the local bishop along with her message to desist in his enslavement of the native people.

Her full Aztec name, Tonantzin Tlalli, means "Our Revered Mother Earth." Millions now worship this enshrined image in the Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City.

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 Greek Isis with Sistrum   Close Up Goddess Isis with sistrum top  Close Up Goddess Isis with sistrum lower Greek Goddess Isis  with Sistrum Statue

Beautiful reproduction of the black basalt statues recently recovered from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Alexandria. One of our favorites too!
9 inch black resin statue.

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Black Winged Isis Statue Black Winged Isis Figurine
Heavy and a true work of art. 
Coal colored Resin Isis Statue is 8 inches high.

-more photos and information here-
Brazilian Yemaya with Fists

Brazilian Yemaya Statue

Brazilian Yemaya top close up

Brazilian Goddess Yemaya Statue
Original is of carved wood in Bahia, Brazil
9 inches high
Black/gold colored resin statue that's handfinished to a very nice end.
Color is a dark gray.

This substantial statue is an actual small replica of the Yemaya that inspired hundreds of slaves who hung their chains on her once freed. She is the lady all those imprisoned in any way call on for freedom.

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Black Yemaya Yemaya Goddess Statue in Black
 8 inches high
Offering pearls from the sea.
Handpainted Resin.

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Famous Black Madonna Statues and other African Goddesses and Icons Here